Friday, September 25, 2015

Week 3 Laura North

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  1. Description: The photos capture lines and shadows from all sorts of different angles. The windows, stairs and other metal structures cast strong shadows and create patterns and really interesting detail.
    Interpretation: Your theme definitely seems to be centered around architecture and shadows. You do a good job of making it clear what your theme is.
    Analysis: These photos are composed so well. They could easily have been very uninteresting and bland shot from straight on, typical angles, but the way you seem to take on a different point of view creates more shadows and leading lines. The contrast of the dark shadows and lines with the background adds more depth to the photos.
    Judgment: I love your photos. You definitely have an eye for good angles and lighting. These capture the more interesting side of a potentially boring subject. You seem to know exactly the right time of day to go to these places to get the perfect lighting and shadows.