Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ryan DeJesus - Week 5


  1. Description: These photos depict run-down building and scenery. There are overgrown plants and vines and decaying wood that create this look.
    Interpretation: The photos seem to portray the deterioration of homes and communities over time.
    Analysis: The composition of the photos is done very well. There is contrast between nature, like the brush and vines growing on and around the buildings and the truck, and the more industrial elements like the tire and the truck. The texture and detail captured in the photos is excellent.
    Judgment: I really enjoyed these pictures. I'm not sure what your theme is, everything seems to be cohesive. As I said before, the texture and detail you captured is really great and makes the photos much more interesting.

  2. Ryan,

    It's great to see your work grow week by week. Strategically being distant and choosing subjects devoid of human figures is wise in establishing a deadpan aesthetic. This approach can inform your concept of decay.