Friday, September 11, 2015

Jen Herrera - Week 2


  1. Description: Appears to be a series on architecture
    Interpretation: How architecture fits into the landscape
    Theorizing: (Not sure what this is asking)
    Judgment: Very successful series so far, gives a sense of magnitude and loneliness to the buildings

  2. These photos capture different types of homes in a really interesting way. There's a consistent mood throughout all of them even though they depict very different setting and angles of the homes. Like Béla said, there is an atmosphere of loneliness , but also a sense of abandonment. They clearly aren't abandoned buildings but they seem to be portrayed as such. I like the patterns and shapes that you're able to capture in architectural photos and I think you did a great job of that here.

  3. It's evident that through these photos you are trying to depict the various views of the home environment around Gainesville. From the historical, grandiose homes, to homes in the suburbs, to apartment complexes in the evening, this is an interesting start to your project.