Monday, September 28, 2015

Dessarae Bassil- Assignment 4


  1. The concept is coming together! I really like the composition of each shot.

  2. Description: The photos depict various people enjoying a day at the pool. It looks like a nice, sunny day and the photos capture people swimming and relaxing.
    Interpretation: The photos portray a typical sunny day at the pool, which is very representative of the Florida that people who don't live here automatically think of. It reminds me of summer and vacation.
    Analysis: The composition is interesting and different. The way you capture the swimmers and sunbathers from above is a cool approach that I haven't really seen. You definitely got in their space. You also used the effect of the sun on the water as a bonus element in some of the shots.
    Judgment: I love this set of photos. They remind me of pictures that I always saw in Black and White Magazine, which my high school photography teacher had us use as a reference all the time in class. There's something about the pictures that is just cohesive and would look great as a photo set in a magazine. I'm not a fan of the last two pictures. They don't seem to fit as well. Other than that, these are excellent!